A leader in Canadian ostreiculture

Established in New Brunswick since 1999, Maison BeauSoleil is an Acadian company that specializes in producing premium oysters in floating pockets. With the help of more than 50 producers in the province, the company produces and buys oysters along the Atlantic coast then distributes them throughout the North American territory, as well as in Asia and now Europe.

The commercial designation of Maison BeauSoleil reminds of the tradition of great French wine producers who treat their product with the highest level of care in order to obtain the richest and most refined flavours. It is with the same philosophy of distinction that we base our assiduous work along with the one of our partners. Thus, Maison BeauSoleil proudly offers a high-end product throughout the year.

If ostreiculture is considered a thriving industry in the province, Maison BeauSoleil is proud to contribute, near and far, to more than 200 jobs. In order to achieve this, our entire team is working hard to develop business opportunities around the world to help New Brunswick’s oyster industry to become one of the economic pillars of the province.

Maison BeauSoleil's mission is to work closely with producers and buyers to ensure they are a Canadian leader in the production, sale and distribution of fine oysters. All in order to achieve our vision - to produce a premium cultured oyster available year round in the different markets of the world.

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